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Online hotel reservation at a low price! Here you can online select a private room in the hotel with a great view from the window. The main services at the hotel. You are offered to book a room at the hotel at a low price. Is fresh best rally on booking several hotel rooms. Pleasant stay!

Booking hotel

Many hotels have their own sites, but among the variety of information is very difficult to choose the right hotel. Here on this site, you can always find the address, phone, Fax and e-mail address of the receiving party. For these coordinates, you can contact and book a room. Mini hotel hostel. Here to reserve hotel rooms retail. Some hotels directly sell all of the rooms in bulk to tour operators. The level of the hotel: 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*, 5*. Month: April, may, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March. Room class: econom, standard, superior, deluxe, premium. Accommodation: one person, 2 adults, 1 child, two or more children. Type of food: AI food+drinks of local production, AI+ EXT. food+drinks of local production, BB-Breakfast, HB-Breakfast+lunch+dinner, FB+ EXT. full. pension + drinks during meals. Unusual hotel services. And again, HB Breakfast & dinner, RO, UAI meals a day+additional free service, VIP AI meals a day+personal service. You can book a hotel without prepayment.

Room types

Each hotel may have its own concept on account of room types. There are offers for guests — a bit better than the standard rooms, a slightly larger area. In the catalog on the hotel website published photos of the rooms. Standard STD — standard room; BDR, BDRM bedroom — a room with a bedroom; Superior — room larger than the standard. Private hotel. And also: corner room-corner room; studio-Studio room larger than the standard C built-in kitchen; family room-family room larger than the standard; family studio - room for a family with two adjacent rooms; extra bed (or king size) - room with one large bed for a couple; suite-room (more than standard) with a living room and a bedroom, with furniture and high quality equipment; suite mini-room of improved category; junior suite-double room of large size and improved layout; de luxe-the same room, but with more expensive furnishings; executive suite, Suite senior-superior room, consisting of two or more rooms. ; business-a large room with office equipment (computer, Fax) , suitable for work. Honeymoon room — honeymoon room; connected rooms-combined rooms with a door — passage from one to the other; duplex-two-storey room. Catering services in hotel. Apartment-rooms close to the view of modern apartments with space for cooking; two or more bedroom apartment; president - the most luxurious hotel rooms, several bedrooms, study, two or three toilets; balcony - room with balcony; City view-room with city view; Beach view - room with beach view; Pool view room pool view; Garden view room garden view; Ocean view room ocean view; Land view room with views of the surrounding area; Dune view room with views of the dunes, Sands; Mountain view — mountain view; Park view room with views of the Park; SV Sea view room with sea view. SSV, Side Sea view — room with side sea view; Inside view-view of the atrium or the interior of the hotel. Apartment hotel for the day. All inclusive: Breakfast Buffet, open-air, brunch, lunch, snacks, cookies / cakes and tea, ice cream, dinner, evening soups. Depending on the demand and seasonality, the cost of booking a room in the hotel may be slightly higher or lower.

  1. fill in the booking form
  2. confirm the order by phone
  3. pay later on arrival

How to book a hotel room?

In order to book a room city hotel, you need to make a request online. Certification of services of hotels. On the site select the desired view from the hotel window, inform the required number of beds for a comfortable stay. Enter your contact details, carefully fill in all the fields of the feedback form. Internet booking system in automatic mode according to the given algorithm will calculate the size of your discount and show the final price. Providing services of hotel accommodation. Polite specialist in booking rooms at the hotel will call you on the phone to confirm the order.

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